We’re celebrating SHAW, and we want YOU to join us!

WASHINGTON, DC - AUG. 27 What's Going On Shaw
‘A Great Day in Shaw’ by Jared Soares 

From September 24th to October 2nd , 2016 What’s Going On? examines and celebrates the micro-communities and variety of cultures and traditions within the Shaw neighborhood of DC. The exhibition is powered by the voices of Shaw residents and business owners and presented through the diverse lens of the community.

Our projects will be set in public or shared spaces, will be community focused, site-specific and each will have an engagement element.

Shaw is a neighborhood with an unrefuted rich cultural heritage and we will use this history as a starting point for each project. Through our projects,  we seek to bring both old and new community voices together to pay homage to Shaw.

This is a project of Pleasant Plains Workshop, funded with support from the DC Office of Planning and Kresge Foundation.

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